Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before getting serviced. If you have other questions, please send it to
-Take a warm shower at least 2 hours before your appointment, the skin will be soft enough and cause your pores to be open leaving an easier removal. -Wear loose clothing. Try to stay away from tight clothes or clothes that won't cause tight friction to the skin. -Avoid caffeine/alcohol before coming into your appointment. It can cause the skin to be more sensitive. -Hydration is key. Drink lots of water leading up to your wax so your skin isn’t dehydrated. Dehydration can cause irritation to the skin when having any form of wax removal services done.
-Wait at least 48-72 hours before you workout, intimacy, swimming, or anything that can use excessive friction. Too much friction can cause additional irritation and lead to skin complications. -Wear loose clothing the same day as your wax until the end of the day. -Make sure you schedule your next two follow up appointments. The same day of your wax you want to make sure you’re not too busy, refrain from anything that will cause you to overly sweat. -Follow aftercare to upkeep your wax. There is no point in waxing if there is no aftercare to upkeep the wax. Your skin is an investment.
-100% YES! As long as you have medical clearance from your doctor you’re free to come in for your appointment at TheWaxCode. Starting your waxing journey early throughout your pregnancy allows you to build up a tolerance to waxing as your hormones change. -When on your cycle you’re definitely on the more sensitive side and more than likely your wax will fall on your cycle every once in a while, don’t reschedule unless it is absolutely necessary. It is always best to come in 3 days before your cycle starts. It is still normal to come in your cycle as long as you wear a fresh tampon or menstrual cup. Tampons are provided as well if needed.
-Here at TheWaxCode, I prefer you stop shaving, trimming or using nair/veet at least 4 weeks before your wax appointment. This ensures your skin will look exactly like the canvases on my instagram.
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